England – Lake District & London

2012 was the last time I was in London, and it was my last stop on my Eurotrip after graduation.  One week into my month-long trip, I had gotten my wallet stolen in Nice, and was relying on the friends I was traveling with for €€.  By London, everyone else had flown home and it was just me and my boyfriend at the time.  We got in late at night from Paris with only Euros on us, hoping to exchange for GBP once we got to London, but everything was closed.  My ex had also forgotten to notify his bank that he was traveling, so his debit card was frozen and he couldn’t withdraw any cash.  We had to somehow get pounds to take the bus to our AirBnb, so we went to the one place that was still open.  McDonald’s.  I went up to everyone there asking if they would take my Euros for a couple pounds for two bus tickets.  Most were sympathetic and just gave me the change they hand on them, but one very proud English man started ranting about how he hated the Euro, and how he was “an Englishman through and through!”  Should’ve seen Brexit coming way back, haha.

South Kensington

This trip was definitely smoother!  I stayed with and hung out with an old friend from UT who is currently attending LBS.  H and his wife, A, are both from Houston, and moved to London almost a year ago.  They were the sweetest, and it was great to catch up.  I also reconnected with a former Dell colleague, who now works in The Shard (oooooh), after backpacking for a couple years and then attended INSEAD.  It was really cool to talk about how our different life and career decisions had led us to where we currently are.

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