Texas – Caddo Lake

This is my first post about my home state, Texas!  As I detailed in a prior post, it’s not easy getting from Luxembourg to Texas.  I had taken two weeks off to be in Texas, spending one week with my family in Dallas and one week with my friends in Austin.  With my brother in California, my family tries to go on a family vacation every year or so.  My father had initially proposed going to Banff, but I was wary of adding another two flights onto my already packed itinerary.  So instead, we decided to go to Caddo Lake in East Texas.



It’s just under a 3 hour drive from Dallas to Caddo Lake across some very flat and uninteresting plains.  When you get closer to the state border with Louisiana, the trees get taller, houses start showing up on stilts, and the cell signal gets worse.

It was pouring rain the evening we arrived at our Airbnb in the town of Karnack, where we discovered that not only did we not have cell service, we also didn’t have WiFi.  We were going to have a traditional, talk to your family kind of holiday!  Although, for the rest of the trip, we made a daily 20 mile drive to Marshall, Texas, so that my parents could check their hundreds of WeChat messages, my brother and I could download books and shows, and I could reassure Nico that I had not been eaten by gators.

Dad was really excited to start fish immediately



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